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Dr.  David Wamamili Wanyonyi is the current and second KENTTEC board chairman. Dr. Wanyonyi is an academician with a wealth of experience in research, teaching and leadership. He is a lecturer at Moi University and is currently the head of the Department of Curriculum, Instruction and Educational Media, Moi University.

Dr. Wanyonyi holds a Bachelor of Arts degree, a postgraduate Diploma in Education from Kenyatta University and a Doctor of Philosophy of the Department of Curriculum, Instruction and Educational Media from Moi University. He brings to the Board a wealth of experience in research and leadership.

Dr. Pamela Olet is the KENTTEC CEO, prior to this she was the National Coordinator for the Pan-African Tsetse and Trypanosomiasis Eradication Campaign (PATTEC-Kenya). Dr. Pamela Olet holds a PhD in entomology and a Masters degree in Business Management. Dr. Olet has spent all her career time in studying and eradication of tsetse and trypanosomiasis, her efforts were recognized through a Presidential award (Moran of Burning Spear- MBS) she received in 2011.
Mr. Samuel Kamau represents the Director of Veterinary Services on the KENTTEC Board.He is a Senior Deputy Director, Zoological Services and Head, Vector Regulatory and Zoological Services in the Directorate of Veterinary Services. He holds an MSc in Medical and Veterinary Entomology from University of Nairobi. Research areas are in animal trypanosomiasis management, honeybee health and mosquito-borne arboviruses.
Dr. John Masasabi Wekesa represents the Ministry of Health in the KENTTEC Board. Dr. Wekesa is a Senior Deputy Director of Medical Services with over 30 years of experience in health systems management and was instrumental in the formulation of the Kenya Health Policy (2014-2030). He holds a Bachelors degree in medicine and surgery and a masters degree in medicine from the University of Nairobi. He also has a post graduate diploma in health systems management (Israel) and policy analysis and implementation in addition to strategic leadership from the Kenya School of Government. Dr.Wekesa is instrumental in fostering collaborations between the Council and other health institutions local, regional, international and Public Private Partnerships (PPPs). He is currently pursuing a PhD. in Health Systems Management at the Kenya Methodist University.
Dr. Samuel Kasiki represents the Kenya Wildlife Services (KWS) in the KENTTEC board. KWS is a major stakeholder in KENTTEC because of the conservation areas which are habitants for tsetse and the wild animals which are reservoirs of the trypanosome parasites. Dr. Kasiki presence in the board will further enhance the good collaborative working relationship between the two organizations. Dr. Kasiki holds a PhD in Ecology and a Masters Degree in Conservation Biology from University of Kent, UK and Bachelors degree in Science (Botany and Zoology) from University of Nairobi. He also holds an MBA.
Mrs. Mary Kanyi Represents the Director of Livestock Production in the KENTTEC Board and is a Deputy Director of Livestock Production (DDLP). She holds a Master’s Degree in Agricultural Economics and Bachelor of Science in Agriculture. She has a wide experience in management and coordination of livestock development programs. She is also a member of the Animal Production Society of Kenya (APSR).
Mr. Erastus Wanjohi Wahome is a Senior Deputy Director representing the Cabinet Secretary of the National Treasury in the KENTTEC Board. He holds a Masters degree (Health Economics) and post graduate Diploma in Economics from Monach University Australia. He also holds a Bachelors degree (Economics) from the university of Nairobi. He is an experienced economist with a wealth of experience in linking planning to budgeting, policy prioritization, resource mobilization and expenditure control. He has worked closely with the EAC, COMESA and the African Union on regional integration issues. During his tenure at the Board of the National Environmental Authority (NEMA) the authority introduced the new policy on stoppage of use of plastic bags which is a national success. He is also skilled in strategic leadership.