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The Council has suppressed tsetse populations and incidence of the disease (trypanosomiasis) in man and animals in five regions namely:- Coast, Meru/Mwea, Lake Bogoria basin, Lake Victoria and Western Kenya regions. The suppression has resulted in:-

Improved Tourism
tsetse population has been suppressed in the National Parks and Game Reserves resulting to an increase in wildlife populations and introduction of new wildlife species like the black rhino and greater Kudu in Ruma and Meru Game Parks respectively attracting tourists to the previously less visited parks
Increased revenues from tourism boosted foreign exchange earning to the Country and improved livelihoods of the communities around the park. For example revenue collection from Ruma National Park increased from a low of Kshs. 400,000 in 2007 to over 3 million annually currently.

Improved Livelihoods
Acreage under crop agriculture has increased due to increased use of animal draught power to open up more agricultural land. For example in Mbeere South district in Meru/Mwea region where land area under cereals alone increased from 7,020 Ha in 2009 to over 21,000 Ha. This has directly contributed to improved food security and incomes for families in these areas.
Over 1000 exotic dairy animals have been introduced into tsetse freed areas by the communities.
Commercial farms have come up in areas previously infested; for example Thiba Farm in Mwea has over 100 dairy cattle and goats employing over 200 youth and women from

Youth and Women Empowerment
KENTTEC has supported youth and women groups to establish revolving funds from tsetse and trypanosomiasis eradication activities. Kapkuikui Cattle Dip Committee in Lake Bogoria region for example currently has revolving fund of about Kshs. 500,000/= in their bank account. Farmers’ Groups introduce improved dairy animals, open agro-vets and purchase farm inputs to boost production.
The youth empowered through training on AI are supporting communities to upgrade their livestock hence more production, employment and increased income. The Council is currently working with the NYS in tsetse eradication.

Increased Access to Micro-finance
Community Based Organizations (CBOs) using their revolving funds has been able to access micro-financing using their savings as collateral.

Contribution to Efficient Agricultural Production
The model farms and bio-farms established by KENTTEC are being used as learning centres for improved agricultural production
Contribution Towards Healthcare and Support to Vulnerable
Reduced risk of infection with sleeping sickness among 5 million people in the endemic areas of Lake Victoria basin and maintained a zero sleeping sickness status since 2009; this has improved the public health not only for the endemic areas but throughout the country.